Majesty Response Pad

Which General Yo pad is the Majesty supposed to use? I’ve seen places say regular and others say thick.

It’s a thick smooth had pad. I owned a majesty and have 2 model 10s.

Whatever it is, it’s great!

Some call it a “regular” pad others call it a “thick” pad. Either way it is the standard HatPad that General Yo ships with their yo-yos. You can find replacements here:

There are also textured thick pads and smooth thin pads. The thin pads recess more for a more unresponsive feel. I have found that I prefer a setup that has a thick smooth pad in one half and a thin smooth pad in the other.

Thanks. I just got my lime stew and love it. Yeah it’s super smooth but lots of yoyos are smooth. What I really love is the way it moves through the air. Solid and stable but effortless at the same time