OD project V1 response system?

Hey, new to the board, I have yet to introduce myself (I’ll do it in a second) but some may know me from another forum from ages ago (I don’t know the policy here on mentioning other boards, I know it was not allowed on the one I’m mentioning) but I’m currently looking for a response pad to fit into my onedrop project, I love the thing to death but currently I can’t use it because I’m out of pads. Anyone know which pads work in this thing? I’d silicone it but the pad recess is very very shallow.


Awesome, thanks man! I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I don’t know up from down any more.

Welcome back Scappy. The original Projects use .555 pads and the newer ones use some sort of silicone groove.

long time no see mrcnja, I popped my head into our old chat room yesterday hopin’ to see you there. I’ll show my head there soon again.