MagicYoyo N12 Shark Bearing

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What is it? I know it’s a curved bearing, but which one? Seems eerily similar to the Konkave in my Strix. Those are made by Dif-eo. Are they allowed to use the same bearing without recognizing the maker?

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Where did you buy it ? If you bought it on eBay then it’s a Chinese Konkave and if it was bought from a retailer then it’s something else because Dif-E-Yo has a patent on KK bearings.

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I won it in a contest. The person who held it said that it was sent from MagicYoyo in Indonesia.


It’s an unbranded concave bearing. Dif doesn’t hold a patent for it there, so generic concaves are pretty readily found.


The U-groove track bearings, KKs in the yoyo world,
have been around for long before yoyos had bearings.
Many companies make them all over the world in different shapes and sizes.
Dif-E-Yo does not have a patent on the bearing itself.


True fact. The patent is for using such a bearing within a yoyo, not for the bearing itself. And AFAIK the patent is only held in the U.S.