Magicyoyo looping yoyos

Hi, im new to yoyoing and i just bought my first yoyo i have been playing with it for 3 days, then i broke it when trying to do a breakway, i threw too hard that the metal piece in the yoyo started to bent and i cant get it straight, so i need a new yoyo and i just found 2 that im interested but idk much. First choice is the magicyoyo d3 dawn and the second choice is the d4 ufo (i cant find much looping yoyos in my country so yeah). What do you guys suggest between those two?

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Between those two specifically, I’ve had much better experience with looping with the Dawn (D3). The D4 UFO is neat and looks cool, but my looping is way more consistent with the D3 for certain.

If you have a chance to snag a Loop 720 or Duncan Hornet, those will work really well also. The 720 for me specifically has felt like cheating at times with Looping, haha.


Aight, thanks for the tip

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New d3 are not bad I prefer other loopers though.