Magicyoyo Hotdiggidy Restock!


(Jim Honaker) #2

These are fantastic for the price. The finish on these are very nice as well. Warning, the blue is really more purple/indigo than blue. Here is a reference. Markmont Classic and Horizon next to it.


Yeah… MagicYoYo called it Violet, but I thought it was more blue. Just changed the color on the page to Indigo because it seems most accurate. It’s one of those colors that looks different depending on the lighting for sure.

(Jim Honaker) #4

I agree, my lighting was bad, I just snapped it real quick. When I got them I thought it was pretty blue. Then when my wife saw it, she corrected me. When I saw it against the others I had to agree.


These second run Hotdiggidy are AWESOME. They beadblasted the cup on this second run (first run had polished finish in the cup) and made it just that much better. I think this is the best budget metal you can get. The fingerspin dimple is like a freaking magnet - SO easy to hit fingerspins on this. The thumb grind lip is amazingly satisfying - undercut not just flat and beefy as heck so thumb grinds LOCK in and are crazy easy to hit. The finish in the cup makes fingerspins and thumb grinds last for so long! Very stable and fast with super snappy binds. I love mine. Got my dad one for Christmas since he hasn’t thrown a yoyo since the Smothers Brothers haha! Showed him how to bind and I think I saw a little boy light up behind those eyes!

Fantastic throw that is really fun to play.

(Christopher Dougherty) #6

Dylan is the man!!! I tried to get one of them in the first run, how does it play??