Magic Yoyo N12 or iYo Purple Line?


I have read a lot of good things about the N12 but almost nothing about the purple line… The spec are not that far away except the OD being slightly bigger on the purple line…
Any advice which one I should go for?
Thanks guys!


I have 4 magic yoyos. None of the ones you’re interested in, but they all play pretty well. I like the N8 best of the ones I have, though it is quite smaller than what you’re looking at. For the money, I would be surprised if you’re disappointed with either.


I have 5 n12s and 2 purple lines. The purple lines are a bit slower playing to me/floatier and the spin seems more powerful with the n12. The purple line is also a bigger throw (and I have smallish hands).

I would pick the n12 over the purple line if I couldn’t have both, but both are fantastic!


N8 sounds also great… Compared with a DV888 (slightly bigger), what would be your choice?

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To address you’re original question: I like my N12. Never tried a Purple Line.

I’ve tried a N8 briefly. I didn’t care for it. Never tried a DV888.


Never tried the DV888, but if you like the small throws, the N8 is pretty great, especially at 68g.


N12 is the best in their range (in the opinion of almost everyone who has tried their yoyos).


I HATE the dv888, all these noobs think it’s the best yoyo on earth but it’s terrible. It feels like a rock on the string and just doesn’t play good in general. I would have any $20+ throw over a dv888, if it’s under 20, I’d sell it in “mint condition!!!” and buy something good…
edit: now there is going to be a bunch of people mad at me saying " its a fun, good well rounded throw!"


I have the n12 and it’s pretty awesome!


Well N12 seems to rock!
On a smaller diameter the N8 looks good as well…
C3 Token would be a possible challenger for the N8, isn’t it? It has nice ano job compared to the N8…