Magic Yoyo has released its Purple Line xiyo in China & going international soon


On their facebook page they have announced it will be going international soon!

I will be purchasing a few on release and will post a review -will try to compare to t5 and n12 although I think that judging from the specs it will play a little more like the N12 than the t5…

Link to vid of yoyo in use (put http: etc first):


God I really want that Purple Line…

In your post, you should quote the segment about the going international!


That looks beautiful, but this topic should go in “Manufacturer News”. Great looking throw.


I don’t think that video works in North America :frowning:


Wow that’s absolutely beautiful. From the front it looks a bit like an Arctic Circle.


I’ve tried to just put in the address for the vid. Hopefully it should work if you type http:\ and then paste the rest in…

It does look a little like an AC, but i believe this is a bigger yoyo and the internal ‘ring’ is closer to the outer circumference of the yo, whereas with the AC, it is much closer to the centre.


Can’t get that video to work no matter what I do. I gave up.

The Purple Line was released on Tuesday, so we should be seeing it soon


Trust me you’re not missing out on anything, I don’t know if it’s the hosting site or what but it’s REALLY bad quality.

I can’t wait to grab one of these, It’s like a love child of the n12 and the t5, Hopefully we should be seeing them on ebay in the next week.


Yeah - it isn’t the best of vids, but it is the only vid at the moment!

It worked on my iPad, but not my laptop. No matter. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of vids soon enough. I’ll be buying two of theses yoyos a.s.a.p regardless!


I ordered the n12 from Billy Bob’s only to find an email that says they were oos, asked them if they had any other replacements and said they had a unreleased yo-yo called purple line pulled the trigger and it came in today! I’ve only recently started to throw and this would be my second yoyo (first was a popstar) but this thing plays like a beast!

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Me want that I have never had a splash Yoyo but this look pretty. me want Yoyo with Koncave bearing in it. Me don’t know I talk in cave man. Me still don’t understand.


Have they announced a retail price?


I’m guessing it would be the same price as the n12 because I didn’t have to pay anything extra. But if it did come out and was higher than the n12 then thats some good customer service right there :slight_smile:


Based on the prices where it has been released, I’m guessing ~30-40