Magic yo-yo T5

Just got another yo-yo magic yo-yo T5 but when I throw it it stalls but I after to bring it up but my last one was a clutch one so if I stalled that it would come back to me but this one doesn’t anyone no why


Its an unresponsive yoyo and will not pop back to your hand with a tug. You have to learn to bind to get it to come back to your hand. Unresponsive yoyos give you a very long spin time because of the wide gap / bearing. Welcome to the forums!

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So if I do this it will then work

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This will help more. Made by this forum’s member, yoyodoc!

An unresponsive yoyo will give you lots of spin time in order to do longer tricks.

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Cheers bud

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I avoided learning to bind for several years. It takes some practice but is really worth the effort and soon you won’t even have to think about it. Yoyodoc’s video is the easiest bind so I would learn that first as it is so simple!

Why does the clutch one when you throw it will stall then come back up but this one want unless I do it is it cause my new one is different

Yoyos with a clutch are designed for beginners. The T5 is designed to not come back to your hand with a tug. It’s the way modern yoyos are. They allow you to do more tricks with a single throw.

Thanks I used to have yoyo when I was 5 left when I was 11 now 30 want to chase my child hood dream your tips are very helpful


Just practice yoyodocs bind and in a day or two you will get it!!!

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When I throw my yo-yo it tilts to the right I hope am right on this is that mean am not throwing straight if I throw straight it will stay straight am I right hoping so

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Watch yoyodocs video. You need to learn to throw good throws. You can’t just let the yoyo drop from your hand. He talks about what you need to know / do in the very beginning. It just takes practice.

I will keep trying thanks for the advice and help means a lot

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Also what is the easiest way to put a string on it took me a while

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Just pinch the end of the string and twist counter clockwise to open up a loop and when the loop is big enough slip it over the yoyo.

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The way I did it in the end was screw the yoyo of then wrap the end round the bearing then tie loop with not then screw it on

It is always best to avoid unscrewing a yoyo because if great care is not taken you could strip the threads of the axle or lose the axle which is small in a T5.

You are posting similar questions in multiple threads. Try to keep all your beginner questions in one thread as it will be easier for you to keep track of.

Thanks will keep that in mind