Magic Yo REX

The REX is most likely the very best 1A yoyo that you will never even throw in your life.

It ‘is’ amazing.

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It sure does look nice!

I found this:

Cool that it was able to still come to fruition, after what looks like at least one failed crowd funding campaign.


Yeah, with the right attitude you can have a lot of fun with a Duncan Butterfly.

Seeing your post jogged my memory of the Rex when it came out. I remember not being too shocked about Magic Yo coming out with a super premium bi-tanium, but I was a bit surprised at the price tag, considering what they had done with the Stealth from a quality vs price stand point. I would have thought they’d have really pushed the price envelope on the Rex as well.

Whatever you do, Myk_Myk, don’t mention the Duncan Butterfly with the Doc.

He likes as much as a fork in the eye.

Too late.

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I’m curious to read more of your specific observations. Could you compare it to any other throws? How does it feel? Thanks for posting!

I’m also curious to know what are your “must have” throws? It seems like there is a difference between “must have” and “must try” (to know whether it will be your jam).