Magic T10 Help

I have a magic T10 and i saw it can sleep for 9 minutes but mine can only sleep for around 40 seconds. Is there a mod to make it sleep longer.

Clean the bearing, practice your throw. Note that the emphasis is on “practice your throw”. In reality long sleep times are overrated and do not translate to long trick times. Good, straight throws are the key to long sleep times as well as the ability to do tricks.

We need to have people stop thinking that a new or different yoyo will magically enable massively long sleep times. That and bearings.

I agree with jhb8426. Clean the bearing out, as many of the Magic YoYo bearings could use a good cleaning. After that, work on how you throw your yoyo. A strong, straight throw is the key to a long sleep time. This will only come from time and practice. It’s worth the effort. However, don’t just throw sleepers, work on your other stuff too. Just throwing and timing sleepers is boring. I rarely do that myself, maybe a few times a month only just to see where I am. However, where I am right now, I’m pretty happy with my sleeper times, which are often over 3 minutes. However, even with such a long sleeper, my other skills aren’t sufficient for me to go through 3 minutes of play. Most of my combos end up between 10-20 seconds, most probably closer to 12 seconds, but I have gone longer.

I don’t need 9 minutes of sleep time. If I can do 9 minute sleepers, then great. As long as I can do whatever I’m working on, that’s all I really need.

Thanks this helps a lot i’ll keep pacticing

A clean bearing, but More importantly your throw.

I could probably get it to spin for 5 mins, and a professional yoyoer could probably get like 10. All you really need for a good combo is a 1 minute sleeper, so dont worry about long sleep times. Your throw is probabyl the most important aspect of making combos.

Wait man!!!

Before you go spending time cleaning the bearing, take it apart and see if the bearing spins fine or if it dosent spin or if it spins rough.

If it spins freely and fine, it’s your throw, and all you need is some more practice.

If it spins rough, yes you need to clean it.

If you clean it and still don’t get many spin time, but the bearing still spins fine, it’s your throw.

So check the bearing before you clean.

While I can stand behind and support such advice, these days, I’ve been cleaning the bearing in all new yoyos that come in so I can Terrapin X Dry Play treat them. I just prefer to have “control” over the condition of the bearings. Some yoyos, including high-end stuff, can ship with crappy bearings(my Barracuda bearing didn’t make the grade) or lubed or greased bearings(Chico YoYo Company HH3 was this way for example).

That’s just how I deal with things. I have a RecRev F(X) coming in today. I’m gonna play it for a bit, then clean the bearing in that and then the “@” that arrived last week.