Magic Drop: uh...

So, I’ve gotten it to fall off the string decently regularly. But. Is it supposed to land on the string closer to me, or farther? Might be looking at it funny, but in the video, it’s looking like it’s landing on the farther string, even though André says the back one.

it’s supposed to land on the string closest to you

That makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

Not to thread jack, but any tips for Magic Drop as well?

Please and thanks :smiley:

You can magic drop onto either string. The tricks in Andre’s tutorials (Shockwave and Kamikaze) land it on the string closer to you, but it is a good idea to learn to do both consistently. There are tricks that use a magic drop to the front string as well, and being able to use it for either mount can open up more possibilities for using it in your own tricks.