Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has info on MadFest? I saw on another forum that it might be on January 15th but they weren’t sure. It would be cool for a contest this month! Thanks guys!

Hmm, I searched it earlier and it didn’t find anything. Do you know if there is still the yoyo contest part too?

I’m gonna try my hardest to make it down there for that!

All i have to do is get cleared for work!

Reprazent Wisconsin Throwers!

I’m from Michigan :P, I really want to go to VA States too but I can’t because of my sister’s birthday :frowning:

The website says that it is the 14th, 15th and 16th. Im sure the contest would be happening, if not, yoyoers will be meeting up.

The only problem is, I don’t know if I can stay 3 days :(. I just moved to a new house 3 days ago so not sure :confused: But I really want to go! Maybe I can learn to juggle too!

That website doesn’t give a lot of information.

In years past there was a lot more detail on the schedule, including information about the Wisconsin yoyo contest.

you might want to check with Yophosis on the Spin Top Expert forum. most of the Spin Top guys that i know tend to crossover into juggling and yo-yo’s, and he’s pretty in-tune with the Mid-West/North skill-toy scene. if anyone on here knows anything about it or knows someone who knows, it would be him.

If I see you there i could teach ya no problem! :smiley:

Parents just okayed me going. Just gotta get work taken care of. And save some money. I have a place to stay and a ride situation. I’d be up there for Saturday and Sunday. I’ll let the thread know if I am confirming mine going. If I am, we should definitely organize and meet up! :smiley:

Im gonna be there! Anyone else?


you gonna be there cbaxt?

Nope, couple reasons. I got sick and it will last for awhile. I don’t have a ride or anything. I’m from Michigan so I don’t really want to drive a long way when it’s not even a contest and lastly, I don’t have a freestyle cleaned up nice. Sorry :confused:

Daang, alright. I hope i can see some other yoyo-ers there. If not, ill chill with the jugglers and diabolists.