Made some Nylon strings, and wow.

This stuff is so heavy duty, and smooth, but it is so horrible string burn wise. Have any of you made strings with this stuff? I really like the stuff, and I can make nylon strings so easily and with minimal materials used. On top of all of this, the nylon is so heavy, and it holds tension fairly well. Let me know what you other string makers think.
Thanks everyone,
Hammy98 :slight_smile:

What are you talking about- string burn problems? My nylon strings are soooo soft and spongey! They whip quite well too and hold tension ok.

I’m not sure what it might have been. The string just was so different at first, and there may have been an ever so slight string burn. I haven’t had much string burn lately, so it may have been something else XD lol

I think there’s several kinds of nylon… The stuff I used was super heavy and terrible for yoyo string.

the nylon string i use for my kites will burn and cut my hands up if i don’t wear gloves but thats a heavy duty thick line.

Two types of Nylon thread are sold I can’t remember the names but one is very soft and smooth and then one is very rough.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with original wooly nylon. It is soft and adds a really nice bounce to the string that I don’t get with 100% poly. It also seems to be very good for whips and slacks. The one issue I’ve noticed is that it’s a little slippy. Not so much on binds, but during tricks. I noticed that I had trouble popping the yoyo out of string opening during ‘And What’. The string tended to slide in on the yoyo much more than 100% poly. Now I’m experimenting with different nylon/poly blends to come with the right mix to eliminate this issue. It definitely adds something different and fun to the string that I don’t get with just poly.