Madball lookin' Kendama born of Sharpie and Watercolor

Had a Sweets natural laying around, so I finally took a sharpie to it. One thing led to another, and now I’m messing around with paint, too.


That is too cool :slight_smile:

That is so, so sick. Looks amazing. :smiley:

It actually looks much better in real life. Once it’s finished I’m going to try and get better pictures.

Wow man, that’s awesome. I love all 80’s toys. I was born in 1983 so I was fortunate enough to indulge in all the 80’s goodness. You should do one with this as the theme. The one on the bottom right would be tiiiiiight!! Nice work bro!!

The wide open jaw thing you did is SO COOL. Awesome work!

Rad, rad, rad.

Killing it Jason!