Macaron Adelge

Okie people, ever since I have discovered the yoyoexpert website I have been fond of this particular yo-yo design. “Adelge Macaron” Since really getting into things and realizing you can never have too many Yoyofactory yo-yos I’ve basically put the purchasing power I possessed into things of that nature and have yet to become a proud owner of a design I loved so much. But I am here to beg the queston; what is the clear, almost petrudent “YYJ Lateral Cap” that appears in one side profile of the orange Macaron and does not appear in the other? Please be specific in stating if this is the design specific inside cap, which in one photo side profile appears adjusted to widen the yo-yo wholly or is this actually the Yoyojam “Lateral Cap” fitted inside the yoyo outside the bearing pierced into the axle either way my point is the image on top is the item I aspire to own while the image on the bottom is something I can’t justify owning if this means purchasing “Lateral Caps” on the side or moddifing the adjustment gap inclutional of the price point to idealize the product. I’ve provided the images necessary to visualize what I’m talking about and help create what I need to know from an informed audience.

The inside is just a clear plastic molded into the other color

It doesn’t actually come apart from my knowledge. I think they did that to keep the inside smoother but who knows