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So I have been trying to let everybody know that I’m an Indie string guy. In my humble opinion “I’m the greatest ever,” but I’ve been told that sounds arrogant so “I’m good at what I do” is what I usually tell people. Anyway I want to start pushing some Indie string that packs a little punch. I’m calling it the m series. I got three classifications, and I need some advertising to help it move. Here’s a little bit on why.

Previous Sales
Usually Indie string makers come off as over priced. They sell strings for a dollar each, and everybody knows a 10 cent string can do most anything a thrower ever needs. Well seeing that, I produced good, but very cheap stuff. Most Indie strings that are really high end are at least 30 cents just in material. You add time to the mix and that means production is expensive. I aimed at the stuff that was about 3 cents to produce. Including time and such I was inputting 10 cents worth of effort, and I predominantly sold for 20 cents a piece. The excess sometimes covers shipping cause I’m a dink who doesn’t account for proper shipping cost. I’ve done okay for a fun side hobby with this idea, but like my Indie friends I want people to know what the crazy good string feels like. I have probably experimented with more thread types than any string guy, and all I sell is Polyester, and cotton poly hybrids that don’t have that great indie feel.

New Push
In my experimenting I found some good stuff. I mean really good, but not a lot of affordable stuff. Generally you pay out the profit on producing affordable super good feeling stuff. Not everything is that pricey though. I found something worthy of the hype. M series thread is that something. It’s more affordable, but it’s not as cheap as 100% poly. My sale price is about 40 cents a string when you bulk order. What justifies 4 times the cost? This stuff will endure to end of time (overstatement, but it’s good.) It’s tough, but more than that it hits whips better, or plays super stable. It’s like a high end yoyo, sure a $10 throw does everything, but we buy titanium because it just feels amazing. Plus I can customize to your liking in three different classes. I have m30s super stable, but a little heavy m70s a mix of excellent stability and speed, or m100s speedy and zippy as could be, but less stable than the 70s and 30s. Keep in mind each is amazing all around, but what do you want most when it comes to a string type. I’m hyped, but I need others to feel it to.

So what?
I’m looking for talent who can show off my product for me. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m better at making strings than I am at yo-yoing. So I’m reaching out. If you want to do some free lance sponsored(ish) work then I am reaching out to you. I need people with some yo-yoing talent AND video editing talent. If you make videos, and feel your as Boss as I am at making strings, then hit me up. I want to give you some of my product to show off with. I want people to know what I know, and what I know is m series is awesome.

What’s in it for you?
You get three strings to show off and make a video with. Then when you produce a little something to show off my awesome product then you get paid. I’m going to send a bundle of m series let’s say 20 for a good video. (Keep in mind that’s $8) It’s not a lot money/product for a video, but it sure beats free.

PM me if your interested. I will be prioritizing on a first come first serve basis. I will ask for proof that you make videos, and I will be looking at what goes into the videos. Try me though I’ve had people ask if I sponsor, and this is close to it. PEACE

I am surprised I didn’t get a bigger response.


Well the announcement is a bit long and makes you look like a self centered jerk if you wanted to know why its a little bit of a turn off.

How exactly am I a self centered jerk? I’m aiming for transparent. I make stuff, and I want to advertise. I’m willing to pay people who make yoyo videos to do what they love doing. I just ask for a little product placement. Is yoyofactory self centered for advertising their yoyos using yoyoers?

The very beginning of the advertisement approach.

Okay. I was gunning for humanizing sarcasm, but if I am understanding you correctly the statement “in my humble opinion I’m the best/ I’m good at what I do” is repulsing a few of my potential video makers away? I suppose I could change it.

I can say it didn’t bother me any, I am just totally lacking talent in both yoyoing or video editing or I would have taken you up on it

Cool. Thats exactly how I am when I see video challenges.

Sarcasm rarely works on the Internet, so unless you REALLY emphasise it (or are talking with good friends), people generally won’t realise you’re being sarcastic.

i really dont want to be harsh, but this buisness model wont get you out of your parents closet. went through your photobucket and really have to say that there are some nice ideas regarding the fishing reel crafting and everything.

but even my hobby crafted strings are better, and nothing can be handcrafted for 10 cent or even 40cent. to get to some decent 1-hour salary you would need to sell for about 10 dollars a piece.

also don`t share everything online to strangers ? every employer is going for a look. trust me

Wow. First not looking for a full time job in string making. 2nd the parents closet thing sounds so condescending. Third what employer says “oh no this guy has a hobby, and shares it on the internet so we can’t hire him.”

Sooo I guess I’m going to sound like the odd guy out but I found it kinda funny… Then again, I am a super sarcastic person…

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I think the sarcasm intrinsic to the initial post was pretty clear. Not everyone is bound to get it but not everyone is bound to call you rude names for it either. Don’t be discouraged.

As for the lack of response, perhaps you should try a targeted search. Find players whose styles and videos showcase the string qualities you want to be displayed, and ask them personally if they’d be willing to do a video or two in exchange for some string! A great resource for finding such people would be instagram; lots of talent just about everywhere you look.

Good luck pursuing one of your passions! Lots of us are eager to see what you can do, I’m sure.

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I knew it was sarcasm but if you want to be taken seriously as a business cut the joking around. Come up with a solid business approach find some more of the vocal people on the forum or the Facebook forum approach them and see if they will try your strings and do a short review. Cycliccal is also a good one to get a hold of and I’m always looking for good string to put on Yoyos for runs for RTD. There are quite a few ways to get your strings out.
I would even send strings to parvarsingh everybody likes him and he is also pretty good at giving reviews on items he loves.

However doing this could make or break you so you had better make sure your strings are as good as you say. The Yoyo community is already a super competitive market and string is even harder to compete in because everyone has their favorite and you have to convince them that your strings are better.

Boom! That’s 1

Just click it.

Cool. You’re always going to run up against the dark side, just relax, take it stride and follow your passion :sunglasses:

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Congrats! Looks like the string behaves nicely.

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