(M.DeV1) Trade Completed


So M.DeV1 and I have been in this trade that seems to have been going on forever, why?

He received my Katz Meow on May 17th 2013, we traded a Katz Meow for a Duncan Raptor. He has 35 positive feedback and 0 negative feedback so I figured this would be a fast smooth trade, well on my part it was.

He at first gave me negative feedback because I shipped the Katz Meow in the wrong type of package although the yoyo made it to him prefectly not damaged, I apologized and told him it wouldn’t happen again so he removed the negative feedback which I thanked him for doing so.

He’s hardly keeping in touch and he said he’s sorry for not shipping yet and that he’d throw in another yoyo along with the Raptor. I haven’t heard from M.DeV1 since May 26th 2013, I messaged him today though, I said to myself I’ll give him another week before messaging him. I can’t remember the exact date we decided to trade because I had to empty some messages from my inbox, I still have several of our messages though.

I just don’t understand why it takes someone almost a month to take 10 minutes of one day to ship a yoyo, maybe he has something going on in his personal life? I don’t know but having the common courtesy to keep me up to date with why it has taken almost a month to send me the yoyos would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t like to leave negative feedback especially to someone with 35 and 0 but there’s a first time for everything. What should I do to resolve this issue? Is he doing this because of the package I sent the yoyo in? btw the package was a paper package designed for papers only or something like that. I don’t know but thanks for reading.

PS: I messaged him today at 05:24:00 PM he was last active today at 07:40:59 PM and has not replied to my message.


I also have always been scared to give less than positive feedback, but I would give negative. If he got yours and said he would ship his, he should ship it. On ebay he would have negative within a week.


Mason is on my BYYS team. He always seemed like a stand up guy, super kind, and always would keep his word. Let me try messaging him and see what’s up


He left really harsh negative feedback on my profile but he deleted it and said sorry for getting mad and that he wouldn’t leave any feedback at all, which is kind of wrong i held up to my part of the trade even though the package was a problem to him. I now know not to ship in that kind of package anymore, even though I shipped that kind of package in a trade before and the guy was satisfied.

I’ve been waiting patiently for weeks I have more of a reason to get mad then what he had but I’m not, I just want to finalize this trade. He’s probably going to get negative feedback at the end of it depending how generous I’m feeling, I still think I should have gotten positive feedback for shipping 3 days after our trade started but whatever.

Thanks Big Yoyo I appreciate it a lot! I hate having bad confrontations with people but that’s apart of life.

(WildCat23) #5

I too have never understood the extremely (Weeks/month) delayed shipping. A day or two I can understand, the post office may be far away, and might need to do other things to justify the trip, but is it really THAT hard to ship?

(SR) #6

Doesn’t sound like him at all. I mean it’s not like I know him personally but he’s a good guy on the forums and looking at his feedback he’s an exceptional trader. He’s been active recently, posting on the forums and everything so it is a bit odd.


That’s what I thought SR since he has 35 positive feedback but Idk. I’m hoping to get this fixed soon, I probably just won’t leave any feedback once the trade is completed. This is the longest trade I’ve been through and I don’t want to ruin his 35 0 0 but he almost ruined mine for a small issue. :-\

Thanks for replies everyone I appreciate it.


Hmmm… Never really had a problem with him exept he didn’t tell me the canvas he was trading to me a FG…


That there is a problem.


Yeah that was wrong. Well he still hasn’t replied to my message, but he hasn’t been on in 2 days.

(M.DeV1) #11

Your raptor and bonus throw will be shipped first thing Monday morning. I’m very sorry if I have let you or anybody else down or think wrong of me.


Thank you I appreciate it a lot, I don’t think wrong of you. If I said anything harsh I apologize I was just reacting how almost any other person would have reacted.


Very mature of you. Kudos =)



Just an update, he shipped and I received both throws, trade completed.