Luftverk ultima?

Anyone play it yet?
The fulvia is my favorite throw so im anxious to hear about it.


I see it’s finally sold out, I was thinking about it, but… gosh that’s a lot of cash dolla bills y’all.


I have Fulvia…

I have an Ultima.

The Fulvia is excellent.

The Ultima is even better.

The Fulvia is ‘still’ excellent.

But the Ultima is noticeably better.


I know you also got the bmt fulvia. Did you get the bimetal ultima too?
Id love to hear about those as well

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I did not get the bi metal Ultima. The bi metal Fulvia is very powerful. There ‘is’ such a thing as being too powerful.

Jeffrey told me the Ultima is even more powerful than the Fulvia.

Made my decision easier.

That; and I think I have enough $500+ yoyos.

Now… that being said; if a hardcore Luftverk collector contacted me and told me he just had to have a Fulvia Btm-r for his collection. I would have no problem selling the Fulvia and buying an Ultima bi metal.

Something like that🤔


Thanks for the info! Ill keep that in mind:)