I’m surprised the Fulvia isn’t sold out yet! Not sure when the sale of them actually started but normally I never actually see yoyos from Luftvert for sale because they seem to go pretty fast (at least from what I’ve seen). Did anyone here buy one? :slight_smile:

I have the blue fulvia and purchased the evora they are amazing

I don’t have one but I weally want one! :o

With a price tag the Fulvia has I always envy those who can afford them.

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I do think they are worth the price tag, I simply can’t afford them.

That is my yoyo buying life right there.

Same, I spent my last bit of money I set aside for hobbies, so I’m trying to get a bit more to buy a yoyo off of someone. I really hope I can get the money fast because they were nice enough not to put it on the bst so that I would have a chance to buy it :slight_smile: I’m a third of the way there :stuck_out_tongue: The people here are great :slight_smile:

I just recently purchased one on Saturday from yye, it’ll be here on Wednesday. There were 3 when I bought mine and now there is 1 left I believe.

Just got mine today, #19 of 25. This thing is amazing. It’s glass smooth and the all ceramic bearing is pretty cool also. I love the humming sound it makes while playing.

The regular Fulvia is fantastic and there was a decent amount to snag. A tad pricey for some(well worth every penny) I congratulate anyone who has gotten any Luftverk product. But the real prize was the bimetals. I got an AMS Bimetal Fulvia that’s 1/5 and sold out in <15 seconds. There was only 12 released between 3 anos(1 was pink for a giveaway). If I didn’t get this I would have definitely bought the mono.

I’m jealous that you got the ams bimetal Fulvia. I was late to those and am not even sure if I would have spent that although I think I would have. I have 2 luftverks at the moment. I did see an ams bimetal on the forums for sale. I wanna say like $400 maybe. I did think about it but I’ve spent way too much this month alone. Like $1500 too much!!! :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face: