Ex-Machina yoyo thoughts?


What do you guys think about it? I have had one for a couple days and really enjoy it and would say it is one my favorite bimetals I have tried thus far. I haven’t heard much about it at all though.


I really like it, but it definitely gets overlooked for some reason. It’s a comfortable shape, not too heavy, and has that powerful bimetal feel.


was looking at getting one, but never pulled the trigger for some reason. it definitely gets no love.


I tried it once, really solid and a bit too heavy for me.
But it really stable.


Its in sale at yoyofactory for 50 bucks…


i missed the sale, totally a great deal if you got one.


It was only one day, I was lucky to come across it. I didn’t pull the trigger, but a lot of others did, the four yoyo pack it came in completely sold out in a day. Call me a cheapskate, but I wasn’t ready to spend 50 bucks right then😐


I hear ya…money went towards other throws…


One of the best throws out there. I have no idea why people slept on that one so hard. I love mine.