Not for sale; Luftverk AMS Ultima bi-Metal

As new in box…(U.S.A only).

$515 including insured shipping and PP fees.

Zero damage A grade.

2 of 4… 2019 batch


Humpty bumptious


Pi~ 3.1415926535897932384626433/bumpectomy


Perch popsicle with a lump like bump

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Sponge Bob Square Bump…

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surprised this is still around. Sexy yo

What is really funny is that the ‘primary reason’ I even posted the yoyo was I simply wanted to get a different colorway.

I really like the look of the Pinkish Ultima.

And about 10 minutes ago, I checked out the remaining stock of Ultimas. And the pink is sold out.

Great plan, huh?


For sale still or no?

That, it is…

I haven’t really bumped it because it’s no urgent matter.

My primary reason for putting it up was simply to subsidize the cost of the pink glass dust Ultima bi-metal to match my mono pink Ultima.

But since Jeffrey did not hold one back(because they were so limited) to be fair to everybody else. He sold out of the colorway I wanted and pretty much dashed my plans, lol.

I really like … but there are reg ultimas (non-Ti) for obviously less … I dont think I can justify this much $$$, even though I definitely want it. : )

It is beautiful tho!


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Ultima is only Ti or Ti with SS rings. What is this non Ti version you speak of?

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This is the TISS ultima. Titanium with Stainless rings. The standard ultima is full Titanium.

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Sorry … my confusion. I saw another used one for a lot less (although the condition was probably indicative of the price) … and thought it was non-Ti.

I’m still learning about all of this. Thanks!


Hey Doc I really want to buy this. Is it still available?

Yes… just busy… sorry

NOTE> for clarity>

When I said yes… it is still available. I should have said, ‘it was not sold’.

It ‘is’ available because nobody bought it yet.

But as I had already mentioned a few days ago. The primary reason I was selling my Ultima was to simply buy one in a different color/finish… And they are so rare I felt like a hog having 2, lol.

But Jeffrey sold out of the Pink and dashed my plans.

Mission… fail.

Now, there is no sort of urgency because my plan tanked.

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Awesome, no worries I completely understand. I definitely want to buy this I can send the money to u at your convenience :slight_smile:


Whenever you’re available today let me know Doc. I would appreciate it!

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