LUFTVERK 000 Limited Release!


The 000 (Triple Zero) is the newest ultra-minimalist design from Luftverk that focuses on simplicity. The organic profile is uninterrupted by any steps or lines with only a simple engraving on the edge.

On the string it creates an unmistakably titanium hum with whips and lacerations that ring loudly. The super thin wall thickness makes it essentially two bells with a bearing in between. The low total weight with the larger diameter creates an incredibly floaty “full” feeling. The flat hub design means much of the weight is concentrated on the rim, so even with the low total weight it is surprisingly stable.

Note: The finish on the rootbeer 000 acts similar to nickel or copper. Handling it and playing with it will leave marks and form a beautiful unique patina over time.

Releasing Tuesday 2/5 @ 8PM EST!