Lubing Help

Hey guys,
I have a raider and cleaned the bearing :stuck_out_tongue: and now it’s unresponsive. I’d like to know any ways to make it responsive without having to buy some thick lube. Any Ideas?


I guess put some like oil in it? Or a ton of thin lube. Or any household lubricant.


3 in 1 oil?


Seriously, buy some thick and thin lube, so you can “dial it in” to preferences. I recommend the YYJ products because it’s designed that way. The thick lube is designed to be broken down by the thin lube. In one video, I had to sit thought 5 minutes of video for the guy to say “2 drops of YYJ thick lube, then 1 drop of thin lube” to get to where he likes it. He claimed it was faster to make a 5 minute video than type up a shorter than “twitter” suggestion.

I know, it’s $10, plus the shipping. That’s why I bundle my accessories into larger purchases. I’m paying shipping anyways, why not just tack in the small stuff? It ain’t gonna be extra for shipping.

unscented baby oil. pretty much the same thing as thick lube! you can buy it at your local walgreens or rite aid or whatever! :stuck_out_tongue:
(only costs like $5 for a gargantuan bottle. plus it make your skin soft and smooth LOL NO [but seriously it is baby oil so ya :slight_smile: ] )

I’ll have to try that. That should help with my looping problem.

Thanks :smiley:

Can you tell me haow much and how to put it on that would help.

How much depends on the state of the bearing.

If you have the shields off, then much less lube. If shielded, try half a drop and see how that works. Add more in tiny amounts regardless. It’s always better to add less at a time, than MORE and then have to clean it out and start over.

There’s no “definitive right way”. I think people can agree that as long as you’re doing stuff in a manner where you have control over the amount and where it’s going, that’s what’s most important.

Does canola oil work for thick lube? If it does please tell me because I really need some.

Sure, I guess.

I don’t use food-grade products in my yoyos.

I’m more of a “the right tool for the job” kind of person.