Ok i need to clean my bearing and i dont have lube and im to impatiant to wait so is there any replacement to unresponsive lube.

PS: Samad if you wana be nice could i barrow some lube?


I have always recommended 3-In-1 oil as a replacement for thin lube, it’s very low viscosity. You can find it at pretty much any hardware store/gas station. It’s usually in a small tin can with a red spout.


lol, sure, if you want to come over you can borrow some lube.


Sweet lol were do you live wanna PM it to me? I probibly wont come over today


O M G!!! Can it be???


Be what?

(JonasK) #7

Trumpet valve oil works fine.


Someone Reccomended Sewing Machine Oil When I Asked This Question ;D