Lube and cleaning?

I need a really thin lube (any price) for YYF, YYJ, OD yo-yos. Also I don’t know what to clean my bearings with. PLEASE HELP

Any thin lube available on this site will work for you. They’re not really very different. I currently use the YYJ thin lube.

As for cleaning the bearing, I use pure acetone. Some people prefer mineral spirits. Either way works and both can be found at almost any hardware store.

Here’s a lot of info that pertains to what you seek, and then som…

Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

I prefer lighter fluid, such as zippo for cleaning.

Sewing machine oil is a very thing lube I use it on my bearings all the time. Also acetone works as well as mineral spirits usually if its a solvent it works.

I just bought some YYJ thin lube and still don’t know what to use for cleaning what’s the best acetone, mineral sprite, or lighter fluid

Take your pick; they all work well. I use acetone because it’s easy for me to get. Some prefer mineral spirits because it’s less dangerous to your body, but I would still use caution of course. Lighter fluid (naphtha) is also easy to obtain, sometimes where the others are not, making it a practical choice for some.

The goal is to break down the lube and wash it away taking dirt particles with it and leaving a bare dry bearing. Any of the 3 solvents you mentioned will do that easily.

Just make sure to deshield the bearing so the solvent can do its job and then make sure it’s completely dry before lubricating or installing in your yoyo.

thank you helped a lot,but I still got more problems because I can deshield all my bearings but my dm2 shield is really hard to get out and will it be ok if I just leave the shield on when I wash it, and can I was like 8 bearings at a time or just one.

I have the same trouble with my DM2 bearing. I left the shield on, and it still cleaned up fine. I find that if I give the bearing a spin while they are wet from solvent (then put them back in the solvent bath), it gets them really clean. I wouldn’t worry too much about the shield being on.

I don’t see a reason to do them one by one. I would do them in 2 groups. Then one group can be drying while the next is agitating. Then the 2nd group can dry while I lube and install the first.

thank you again