Lotsa trick ?'s

Get ready for a bunch of questions ;).

  1. Where is a good list of almost every trick there is?
  2. What yoyo trick should I learn next? Here’s what I know: Split the atom, Barrel Rolls, Eli Hops, The Matrix, Kwijibo, Plastic Whip, Laceration, Thumb/arm grind, and Buddha’s revenge. (I know…it’s not a lot)
  3. What offstring trick should I learn next? I know: the whip, under leg whip, behind the back catch, and barrel rolls.
  • Thanks!! :smiley:
  1. Just search around, this site has a ton. Surf around Youtube for some good ones.

  2. I’d say just look around the Advanced 2 section and learn a few of those. Work yourway up and when you get bored of the tricks on here start making your own!

  3. I’d learn everything on this site first. After that there isn’t that many tricks on Youtube. Rolling star is a nice tricks, very fun to show people. Then you should just mess around and learn some tech, watch some videos on Youtube to get some inspiration and then just find what fits you best.

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  1. Because there are so many tricks out there, no site has anywhere near every trick. Like Evan said, search around. Youtube has tons, www.grawrd.com has a bunch, wwwmastermagic.net has several. Also check the video section here for tutorials.

  2. I would just continue on learning the tricks from this site and possibly start making your own. For that, there is a guide I think my Xdohl that is very helpful. Mainly just do something that comes naturally.

  3. Once you learn the tricks on this site, watch some freestyles for inspiration (as mentioned by Evan) and play around with it.

Here are some of the sites I’ve found with videos or diagrams of various tricks:









Id start with McBride’s Rollercoaster