Lots of ?s!

So I usually throw listening to music and i know a lot of people do. Dance Music and Pandora as well as yoyo videos are good ways to descover good music to throw to. Anyone got any songs theey really like for throwing? Also what are some good trick to make combos out of? AND WHOS GOING TO NY STATE NATIONAL CONTEST?


The trapeze is perfect for making tricks out of…XD sorry

i always like making tricks out of wrist mounts, or side ways split bottoms, just do something diffrent and throw a 3D roll in there somewhere with a couple slacks,and there ya go comboish

and i agree with logi with the ???<-----questions…lots of em

kamikaze mount along with 1.5 can make some really smooth combos.
also i will just leave this hear for what i throw to

and no i’m not going to NY state.