Lot of yoyo's F/S,F/T Including MINT Spyder


These are some yoyos that I would like to trade or sell…

This project has A few couple centimeter scatches…

FHZ with some cracks on the caps and a KK bearing…

Rim satined Prison break G5…

Mint Spyder super hero edition…

Lancer,cracks around nut(hard to see in pic)

speed dial,a few hicks(only paint)

Looking for;
PSP lol
just offer anything

My apologies for being short in descriptions…I don’t feel too typish at the moment…



EDIT:If you can’t see the pictures,here is my photobucket…


Looking for an ADDICT,plz pm me if you have one,thx


Hey!! I have an 09 G5 that I would trade for that project.

It is in a little better condition then your project. Please are you interested?


Posted a deal on the other topic, pm if your interested in the deal, we can change/edit a bit :wink:
because i’m interested in that g5 and project :slight_smile:




Lol,Uh oh…
Looks like it’s possible both of you might be out of luck… :’(
I got an offer for something that I really want…
I’ll update you,if your yos get free…


What was the offer???

Which Yoyo(s) was it for???


sigh sadly it was for his project…i got a pm yesterday sayin it was as good as mine…then i apparently didnt respond quick enough and he took it as i wasnt interested and now im SOL, very very sad… :-[


ROFL,and now it’s Rasts’ again,for good,lol…
Can’t wait to get the PM in the morning from him saying the he jumped up and down madly,thus smashing his monitor and pooed himself…
(ill post the message if it says that lol)


i have a dm and a legacy and some $$ for that spyder


i wish i could afford the speed dial :-\

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How much money do you want for the speed dial? How much for the spyder?


G5 still up?


Nah,that ones gone too…


Please edit your post so we can know what you have.


These are the yoyos I have left after trading and selling so far;

Lancer,KK’d FHZ,Project,Lyn…
And I have two others that I think I would also like to put up aswell;PGM(the one in the corner of a couple on the pics,and a good condition Black and red k-os…

My apologies for not doing this earlier…


I`ll buy the spyder from you.


If you wish to trade for the Project,Please do it now,It is pending,but we agreed to wait and see if I could get a better offer…


Can i please have the spyder i`ll buy it from u what condition is it in.

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