lose ball in bearing?

ok so I just got my kk bearing today and I noticed a small sound in my 888 so I took out the bearing and started shaking it and it made a noise what sounded like a lose ball. is this normal?


Does it still spin?


De-shield it and look.

It shouldn’t come loose…

Its probably just breaking in, it will be ok, just keep playing. If the play turns bad for some reason, then you should be worried.

Actually, Evan’s wrong. :-\

It is okay. Its just the bearing cage rattling around. Its perfectly normal.

ok thanks

Yea what Samad said, my 10 ball is doing that also and it still plays fine.


Fail me. :-\

I thought he knew for sure that a ball was loose…

Yeah, when bearings break in, there is less lube. When there is less lube, sometimes the cage “rattles” around a little more. This is the noise you hear. The bearing goes faster when the cage is free from lube, and thu the bearing spins faster. So if you here noise, most of the time it is good, as long as it isn’t a bitter sqeaking, which can mean your bearing is WAY underlubed to the point of minimal rust.