Los Angeles yoyoers

(Brandon811) #1

Hey I was wondering if anyone yoyos in the southbay. I live in Torrance so just tell me cuz like know yoyos within at least 100 miles (that’s what I think cuz I can’t find know one)


There is a yoyo meet every other week in Cerritos. It’s called DXL and it’s about 15 miles away from you. Also, there’s a yoyo store on the Redondo Beach pier - which I know is very close to Torrance. I’m not sure if the meets are still active, but you’ll see some people yoyo there on the weekends.

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Help please


You can meet yoyoers here on the weekends (around 3 o clock) - it is managed by a person on Team Yoyojam.

Los Angeles County/Southern California has perhaps one of the biggest yoyo communities in the United States. Not to mention the various contests we have in a single year.