Los Angeles yoyoers

Hey I was wondering if anyone yoyos in the southbay. I live in Torrance so just tell me cuz like know yoyos within at least 100 miles (that’s what I think cuz I can’t find know one)

There is a yoyo meet every other week in Cerritos. It’s called DXL and it’s about 15 miles away from you. Also, there’s a yoyo store on the Redondo Beach pier - which I know is very close to Torrance. I’m not sure if the meets are still active, but you’ll see some people yoyo there on the weekends.

Help please

You can meet yoyoers here on the weekends (around 3 o clock) - it is managed by a person on Team Yoyojam.

Los Angeles County/Southern California has perhaps one of the biggest yoyo communities in the United States. Not to mention the various contests we have in a single year.