Loose axle problem (Shinwoo Techno 2) need help


So i have this shinwoo techno i’m showing in the video and it has a loose axle, i don’t have a replacement axle so i have to fix it , i saw the video of Andre where he said i should use a loctite to fix it, but i didn’t understand what to do if i got that Loctite or the super glue, i mean what to do next?.. so any help ?

here is the video:


(Waylon) #2

I can’t see the movie from my phone. Is it loose in that it wiggles in the half it’s set in, or comes apart while you’re throwing?


its loose that it wiggles in the half it’s set in , yeah

(Waylon) #4

Every techno I’ve owned is like that. It’s normal in yoyos with that bolt style axle setup.


My protostar had a loose axle once, I just tightened it just enough so that it won’t wiggle, if you tighten it too much itll come out through the other side and mess up your throw, so make sure you’ve a light hand while doing that

EDIT: I used a plier btw


Yes, completely normal. When you put both halves together it tightens up just fine.


That’s normal for that yoyo. I have two, they both do it, they both play fine. They are more responsive than I would prefer, but that’s another issue.

If your yoyo uses a bolt(as that does) for an axle, such as most Duncan take-apart plastics do, that’s exactly what you will experience. No need to worry, all is normal.


Don’t do this, you’ll probably end up damaging the axle. The axle set up in the Shinwoo Techno is different from the set up used in the Protostar. The Techno is fine, the axle won’t wiggle when the YoYo is screwed together.


Thanks for the info :smiley: