Loop 900 Question

I just got me 2 Loop 900s in the mail today and i was testing them out. After adjusting the gap over and over, I keep feeling and hearing that one of the 2 loop900s is not the same as the other one. For some reason when i throw each one, It sounds like one of them is grinding against the starburst very badly while the other one runs smooth and a lot quieter. It doesn’t feel like the string is grinding against the starburst and the string doesnt shake constantly. Both yoyos came fresh out the box unlubed so they should sound and feel the same right? Is this a defect? or does it need to be cleaned and lubed?

(Note: I tightened both yoyo gaps all the way and then loosened them with equal amounts of turns to the adjuster so they should be even.)


i have heard that one in four bearings is going to be a bad bearing you might just want to lube it

I can empathize. I listen to my yo-yos more than I think I do. I end up playing with the ones that are quiet and lower-pitched. Even if I have a better yo-yo, if it’s too loud, I won’t want to play with it.

It could be that each yo-yo has a different minimum gap width.

Go ahead and measure the gap with something. Are you able to fit a dime or credit card in the gap? Are they really the same width if you measure them?

I would also clean and lube both bearings. I personally treat matched pairs identical. This way, I never have to wonder if it is the yo-yo that is mal-performing, and get straight to fixing what I did wrong.