Loop 720 :@

How to change the string (response system) on loop 720 …

Already replied to you at the Nation lol.

But still, you should follow the instructions on the package.

Take off caps, take out old string, thread some new string in there. It’s kind of like sewing by hand. needle goes up, needle goes down, needle goes up again.

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lol i didnt know that the caps can be removed … ;D wtf … i cant remove the caps !?

They can be removed, as instructed on the packaging. You basically pop the cap out with the axle.

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I dont get that instructions …

I’m your Savior! :smiley: (I think?)



Hope it help! :slight_smile:


You unscrew the yoyo, and you slam the axle on something solid. This will pop out the cap.

Thanks !