Looking to get a yyr E=Mc^2 and/or a Blink

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I am looking to trade for a YoYoRecreation E=mc^2 and/or A YoYoRecreation Blink

No vibey throws throws please,
No beat throws please


BST: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,58875.0.html


Just saying, but for E=MC^2s, they are usually vibey until they are tuned. Not sure if the same goes for the Blink.

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ik this is going to sound really nooby but ever since I started on the forums I hear “you have to tune it” and stuff like that tossed around a lot… and I have no idea what “tuned” means (yoyo related)


Tuning means you have to get the axle just right by unscrewing and screwing back together the yo-yo until it’s smooth.

My e=mc^2 was really smooth but I had it powder-coated by Wesley and after he took it apart, powder-coated it, and put it together, there was vibe he had to tune out.

From what I’ve heard virtually all e=mc^2’s are like this. Old YYR problem. It’s why that one international store posted warnings that unscrewing YYR yo-yos even once could cause vibe and voided the warranty.

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