Tuning a dinged throw,

So i’ve been spending a little bit of time today tuning my yoyos and trying to get them as smooth as possible. I have a dinged throw that used to play with no vibe now it has a tiny tiny bit after i dinged it. Basically what iam asking is:
can you tune that vibe out that was cause by the ding?
My thoughts are this, when you tune a throw your adjusting the amount of axle that goes into each side of the yoyo, so when the yoyo has one half thats just the tiniest, most miniscule amount lighter (we’re talking like 100ths and 10ths of a gram) than the other side, you correct that by using the axle to fix the imbalance. Theoretically. Right? So why wouldnt you be able to fix the imbalance caused by dinging it? I mean your just adjusting the axle to replace the tiny amount of material that was lost when you dinged it.
I know that this is longwinded but i wanted to see if anyone agreed with my thought process on this.
So in short:
Can you re-tune your throw to smoothness after dinging it?


if it’s a small enough ding, then possibly. but it’s not really work the time it takes, if you ask me. lol I just deal with the little bit of vibe.

No, that isn’t how or why tuning works. If it were, there would be no way to tune a yo-yo with a hex-bolt like the FHZ. A weight difference between halves will not cause vibe. Put two differently weighted YYJ halves together and see for yourself. Vibe is caused by a weight imbalance and/or a not perfectly concentric half. Tuning attempts to align the halves in such a way as to have the imbalances of the two cancel each other out.

However, with all of that said, it is often possible to tune a dinged yo-yo to be smoother than it is.


It could be that the axle is slightly bent, or the part that it screws in to. Try replacing the axle. If the threaded part is bent there’s probably not a lot you can do.

My yoyos fall in and out of smoothness when I drop them. I would check the axle, if it is not that I would just play it as is, or drop it again. :wink: