Looking For - YYR Sputnik

Looking for Mint with Box YYR SPUTNIK - Blue.

Hoping to trade maybe partial trade/cash.

Lightly Sparked FG 1/2 and 1/2 Green and Pink CLYW x Luftverk Tundra. Smooth on the skin, very minor FG vibe on the nail. MonkeySnot response.
Box and all contents included. This yoyo is killer, i LOVE it and has been my EDC for a while now. I do have AMS Tundra also, i suppose I dont need two.

MWB CLYW Manatee 1/2 and 1/2 blue and green 1st run. MonkeySnot response. The smoothest yoyo. vibeless and glass on the nail. I love the Manatee, but i guess I dont need two and Im not letting go of my snowcone one haha.

wanna taco 'bout it?

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You know you want some. . .