Selling some unique and rare

Only trades im looking for right now :
Clyw × luftverk tundra
TP palp (orange or green with purple speckle)

Most yoyos are in decent condition and i try to describe damage and vibe as best i can.

Please add $5 for shipping cost

Maiderade scout - scratches around - SOLD
Blue advanced scout - scratches - SOLD
Concrete bliz Cliff - few marks that blend in - SOLD
Orange advanced scout - scratches - SOLD
28 Stories canvas - 1 ano mark and one prick (trade only)

Rootser - vibe small marks --------$80
2 sick proto - u gotta tune this puppy GREAT THROW if u can find that sweet spot----------$75
Scott Attaway FHZ - some vibe -$40
09 b grade severe - smooth - SOLD
Bootleg sleipnir - vibes like a mother - SOLD
Mvp - SOLD
Boost (first run) - SOLD
Fhz - SOLD
RevButcher throw - if you like spyy yoyos youll LOVE this one --------------------------------------$50
Pistolero - NMTBS - SOLD


Bump To anyone that bought from me, rverything is getting shipped out tomorrow. Thanks you

I pmd you about a couple

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Bump. Will do package deal for rest

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