I’m looking for rare or interesting throws I will be at worlds and would like to try and probably buy something there I do have yoyos to trade but only if its good enough and I only trade in person

some of the yoyos I want are an avant grade 1, quest, metallic missile (or any thing thin and responsive), anything hulk smash, antiyo visulla, anything rare, and most of all anything with an interesting shape.

If you have anything above please pm especially interesting shape or a visulla and we can meet up at worlds.


hey Brando I am selling a Metallic Missile in my BST thread, also I have a Stunt Pilot, that’s rare discontinued. Also a Takeshi modded FH2. check out my BST (Im putting it in my signature right now)


p.s. I am not going to Worlds


I also have yoyos to trade but I will only trade at worlds so don’t offer unless you will be there
in order they appear:
proton- ano flaw and small scratches
inspire(will be hard to get)- mint but tarnish rims
equilateral- one ding in picture
celestial deuxieme- five a mark few and VERY hard to see
hop king- dings everwhere
I have no idea what the last one is but its tons of fun- mint tarnish


I don’t know if you have one, but check out the Walter, it’s an awesome responsive throw.








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