FT. Spyy radian MK3, onedrop 2014 H

Throws for trade.

Spyy radian MK3.

Nickel plated, polishes up real nice. No scratches or dings. Size d bearing and Dif pads. Has general yo pads in it right now. Plays semi responsive with a bit of vibe. Vibe mainly coming from pads. Played smooth before I switched pads. Near mint to be safe.

Monkeyfinger gelada 2.1. GONE

I think this is a 1 of 5 color way. Mint with box, has pouch and custom string it came with.

One drop 2014 benchmark H scr special edition

Has ano flaw under response pad and on bearing seat. Plays smooth. Near mint. Mainly looking to trade for another H in blue or purple.

Yyf shutter GONE

New in package (unopened). Box is cracked.


Onedrop citizen. Would trade everything here for one.

Onedrop cascade. Looking for color ways in blue or purple. Blue/purple splashes ect.

Onedrop downbeat. Blue or purple

Onedrop rebirth. Blue or purple

Any other onedrops.

Feel free to offer up whatever.

More pics

trade for aq mint orange sasquatch

Hey man!

I was wondering if you would be willing to trade your Alien Galaxy Shutter for a Grey CLYW Yeti?

Let me know!