Looking for yo-yo's that are good for 5A! Plastic or metal! CW's too!

Hi, I’m trying to buy some yo-yo’s that are good for 5A because I’m too careful with my metals to try them out for 5A, I don’t want to drop them - but I’m willing to drop yours! haha

So I might be interested in any yo-yo you think is good for 5A just PM me or comment this thread with the name of the yo-yo and the price and I’ll tell you if I want it.

I’m also looking for counterweights.

Thanks for your time!

I’m not selling one, but, I’ve heard legacy’s are the perfect learning 5A yoyo.

just one problem johnny:

I can already 5A well. I’m not a beginner. Plus, I already have a legacy. thanks for your help though

hey orange yoyo, whats going on? you are ignoring my pm. I am writing this because I think your pm have a problem or something. plz reply.

He replied to mine. Maybe he just doesn’t want what you have lol. Then again he hasn’t replied to what I replied to him yet. Some people are just terrible with communication which is why I don’t use this site

Well its been like 2days and I have pm’d him alot… if he doesn’t want the yoyo he should just say it. I have 2 people who wants it and he said “I will be shipping the money today” and that was about 2-3days ago. I wanted money by today and now I cant use them.

Kid sent me something saying “GOOD DEAL” or something to that effect so I assumed he wanted my stuff.

It’s not like we’re dealing with twelve year olds who can’t communicate correctly because they don’t know any better… Or are we?

Hey. just turned 13, and look at me. 13 positive feedback…

Hey sorry guys if I haven’t been replying to all my PM’s, I’ve been getting a lot and I have crud loads of homework too. I’m 16, not thirteen, and am really busy with school, homework, work, and yoyoing (I’ve been trying to invent some new material for my freestyle). So sorry if you think I’m ignoring your PM’s because I’m not, I just haven’t gotten to all of them

It’s not that you’re not replying to PMs, it’s because you told him that you would be sending him money. You’re ruining other people’s business here. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be responsible. Sixteen is old enough to be a little responsible, so you should do business like you are.

Justink just take other people’s offers.

Look kobansora, he knows the reason I didn’t send him the money and it’s a valid reason. It has nothing to do with you or whatever you think it has to do with. I’m pretty sure Justink can make his own decisions and doesn’t need you to tell him “where to whipe”. And the reason I can’t buy your FHZ is because I got a better offer. 15 bucks for a modfather modded one. I thought I told you but I guess I didn’t, and I’m sorry. Now is everything cleared up?

You should publicly clear thing up instead of making them ambiguous, not after someone publicly calls you out. Your business with justink is yours and his alone, and I don’t remember ever even suggesting it was my business.

You should also keep track of where your messages go better so people know whether or not to keep pestering you. I did not get any PMs from you at all.

If you’re gonna continue business you should learn from these mistakes, or move to YYN so you can see the reputation you CAN have from something like this. Or, stay here and use your “busy” excuse as if anybody cares.


you can leave me alone and let me do whatever I want without having to explain it to you.

Now please, quit replying to these posts because I keep thinking someone has an offer but instead it’s you nagging me

~Anyone wanna bet 10 bucks that he’s going to reply again?

lolz my trade count is my age too!!