Want to sell yoyo factory G5 Yoyo *$20*

I have a yoyo factory G5 that i dont use anymore. I used to yoyo alot and be active on this site, but other things have gotten the best of my time. Its in nearly perfect condition, no scratches. I have the G5, but it has no Axel, Bearings, or O-rings. It also doesnt have the grinding things on the side (cant think of the name). It does have covers on the holes on the sides where the grinding things go. I’m just trying to sell for some money due to money troubles. I had an old account, JackG, that i dont remember the login credentials. If anyone is interested in buying, please message me. I would be willing to ship first to someone with feedback for i realize 1 post may look sketchy. Will send pictures if requested. Thanks, and i hope i mentioned everything i needed to mention :slight_smile:

still for sale?

Bump, I’ve been awfully busy.

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