Looking for some throws for my collection

Got some money in hand. I like plastics and some wooden throws. Not looking for any HI-DOLLAR stuff. Prefer 5-25.00 range. Mint is a must in the package is better. I am posting this ad because it is hard to buy off of here. I am old fart(53) in my collection are 125 throws. You guys just do not understand that pictures sell. I have bought more then a few off Jayyo because he understands how to post for sale ads. So if you want to sell a few let me know. Not intreted in any sport or team logo throws. Pictures are a MUST. tim

I may have a few yoyos you want. Let me know:

i have a kinda unique yyf plastic grind machine you might be interested in. its a satined down pgm so its silky smoth to both touch and grinding and it has sillicon reasponse in it, pluse a kk bearing. i could part with it for $20