Selling Old Throws for CHEAP!


Hey guys, i used to be an avid thrower but i havent pick one up in years so im getting rid of the collection…
plastic sandglass - 10$
spyy dynamo (star grade) - 30$
YYF velocity - 10$
YYF one - ill throw this one in for 1$ with the purchase of any other throw :wink:
YYF catalyst - 30$
YYJ Fiesta XX - 20$
One Drop Code 2 - 40$
TMBR - 10$ (or a 5$ sweetener to another purchase)
YYJ Unleashed - same as the TMBR
SPYY Revenger - 40$
Entire Collection for 100$
all of the yoyos mentioned are in decent shape, minus one or two small dings and the bearings need a cleaning.

Im always open to offers too so dont be afraid to pm and ask away!

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