Looking for some horizontal help


I’d like to try to get into some horizontal play, but it’s pretty tricky. I was hoping for some tips or some tutorial vids off YouTube maybe.


This stuff should give you a fairly good start to look at this stuff. The Jensen Kimmit one is humorous but It does teach you.


What ever you posted I can’t see on my browser :frowning:


oops sorry here try what’s up In the quote when you cant see it probably just means it’s https instead of what I use http


I see em now… Thanks, musta been an administrator needed to ok em or something. Thanks again.


nope just changed the http to https


Yeah, that Jensen kimmitt one is good for a basic start. That’s probably the best one to practice with first for sure.

(__kmart__) #8

The jensen kimmitt thing should help. It does take some getting used to. One of the key factors is to keep the yoyo in CONSTANT movement. So for your first tricks try to pick a trick that is either very fast or has a lot of movements. Skin the gerbil is really good for starters.