Hey everyone. I’m looking for a Noctu but only the older runs, pre-2010 to be specific, with the last of the undersized Noctus being released in 2008 I believe. Anyways, I am looking to either trade or purchase an old undersized Noctu.

I preferably am looking for a Pearl Noctu but any of the older Noctu models will do. PM me if you have any of them for sale or trade.

-------Currently looking only for a Pearl Noctu---------

The Pearl Noctu. Ain’t it beautiful?

Yes, is really very nice! ;D
Success! :wink:

noctus are still instock on yoyoexpert
their is even a blue 2008 one instock

Who agrees the Noctu is awesome?

I’m not a big fan of the black w/ bronze colourway, but the noctu is still my favourite throw. I haven’t used one of the oversized ones, but the 2008 undersized one is phenomenal, and the blue bead blast looks stunning.

There’s got to be one somewhere out there!

Guess not… :frowning:

where is my lover? I know you’re out there somewhere…