Looking for Anodizer

tl;dr looking for anodizer as most seem to have gone extinct

So I’ve been away from this forum for a while and got back on this summer looking for new throws because I’ve had the same stuff for like 2 years. I’ve always had my eyes open for a Dreadnought G and I found one and bought it immediately from UmeNagisa. I’ve wanted one for so long and oh boy is it special.
The only issue I have is that the custom ano on it is not attractive to me at all. I don’t know who did it but is’s pretty patchy and just a shame that it was custom ano’ed in the first place because I think YYRs are gorgeous with their stock solid colors and have no business being aesthetically modified aside from mirror polishing. So I plan on either returning it to an original color or that brilliant blue that YYR offers, or getting some simple two-tone design. Nothing too complicated
So yeah; any ideas on where i can get a Dreadnought G anodized?

Try England1414 on the forums.

I wish Vendetta and Jason Wong still took jobs.

The only problem with contacting him is that he’s the one who did UmeNagisa’s Dreadnought, so if he doesn’t like that ano job, he probably wont want him to do another one.

England’s ano has been known to cause some vibe. Just ask the guys at tropicspins…

I’ve actually never had a yo-yo that came out with more vibe than when it went in. What anodizing does is builds a thin layer of Aluminum Oxide around the entire yo-yo, including the bearing seat, which tightens up the bearing on the yo-yo, decreasing overall slop and vibe. Many times, the bearing itself is quite often the main variable that causes vibe in a yo-yo. I had tested those yo-yos with high quality One Drop 10-ball bearings and they had no noticeable vibe on my dedicated anodizing testing bearings.


Aye… That’s just what I heard from them England… Might wanna talk to TSYC about thin layers of aluminum oxide…

I mean, I’m not ruling out that I could have been me, but I’ve anodized more than 100 yo-yos in the past three years, and not one came out with more vibe than when it went in with. but it is indeed a flawed process by the sheer chemistry involved and I had that stated in my anodizing post and there are many variables that an anodizer simply cannot control, leaving room for inconsistencies.

hey so if i wrote to england about a custom ano would he respond and say yes?? ::slight_smile: sorry i have had so many modders just ignore me :smiley:

England’s done at least 8 of my yoyos and all have turned out perfect. None have increased (developed) vibe. It is possible that the bearing or axle got beat up though (or were defective…), so you possibly need to change those.

Moral of the story, I’d trust him. He takes his work seriously from what I’ve seen.

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