Anodizing a Dif-E-Yo Bone Chip?

Hey Guys.

I was wondering if you can Anodize a Bone Chip. Yes Its raw, Yes its mint. BUT. The bearing seat in this thing is a bit wank. I noticed its rather slim and doesnt have much of a seat, so I was thinking the anodized coating might add a bit of extra depth that would cause problems with the bearing seat and spinning and what not.

So is it possible to do AND still have the yoyo function properly, and if so, Who can do it for me? I heard Vendetta has taken a break from business for awhile.

Shouldn’t to any harm to the bearing seat.
Along with a couple guys at a different forum, you can PM me for their details if you want, but the first two links are pretty solid guys. Gruntbull’s main guy kinda scares me though

Im sorry but Im simply NOT paying $75 to get one yoyo anodized, and Anodize World just doesnt look like a trustworthy legit site.

Shoulkda mentioned Gruntbull has better rates for yoyos, promise. Those are rates for paintball guns
Anodize world is pretty legit, do good work.

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ask england in yyn, he charges around 20~30 dollar

Or you could stay here and check his thread out in this very same sub forum.,16428.0.html

sorry guys, due to financial and schedule problems, i cannot anodize for you anymore :-\