Failed anodizing induced vibe?

I recent sent my Flying Hut away to be anodized but I guess the anodize was unable to anodize it so he sent it back to me. Now it has a terrible pulsating vibe that will not go away even when I attempt to tune it. Does anyone know what went wrong and Is there any way I can make it go back to it’s old smooth self?

Vibe is common with those so attempt to more tuning. I don’t believe anodizing can cause vibe though

anything that adds or takes away thickness to a concentric design in an unequal manner can induce vibe


try tuning it, but that was why i didnt anodize the flying huts :-\

I think that might be it because it looks like there is tiny pitting all along the yoyo. I’ll keep trying to dial in the tuning, hopefully I can get it to be at least passable.

try swapping bearings too. it can matter

I’ve tried swapping out every thing bearing and axle, so far I’m getting the best results (still pulsating but I can play a bit with it) with a kk and a YYF chaotic axle. The original axle came back all rusty, I don’t think the anodizer removed it before anodizing, and I think that could have been part of the problem too.