Looking for an awesome metal yo-yo

I’ve played my Hitman for a good long time now. I’ve banged it on the ground so many times, the bearing seat’s cracked and it’s once smooth surface is riddled with dents (and love). We have been through sooooo much together, I can’t even begin to describe it. I don’t know if I’m ready to accept another yo-yo into my life just this yet, but lately, as I play with my now super vibe-y Hitman, my thoughts wander. I find myself wondering, “could I do better? Is she really the one?”

I think I’m ready to start looking.

Anyway, my two criteria, in order of importance are:

  1. An awesome looking yo-yo (this is key)
  2. Finish that’s good for grinding

Aside from that, I could go with anything. I’ve learned a ton of tricks, but since I’ve only been yo-yoing for a couple months, I haven’t gotten anywhere close to developing a style. I’ve only ever played with two yo-yos before (Hitman and Kickside) and they both played pretty much the same. As such, I’ve got no idea what I’m looking for in terms of size and weight. Therefor, I think the best course of action is play around a bit, and work out what my favorites are when I’m good and ready. I’d like to spend between 50 and 120 bucks. The reason I set a lower bound is because I’m tryna’ make a yo-yo investment. I want something that’s AWESOME.

EDIT: extra criterion: it should play well, too.

888 or dv888. both great yoyo’s though ive only tried 888. if you want something different get a dv888. if you want something rounded or not sharp/flat get 888.

if you dont want an undersized get a dna. yoyofactory is producing many metals.

you could try an m1 theyre retiring.

Haha that was awesome.

Do you really like the size of that, or do you want to try something totally different?

I did like the size of that, but I’d be down to try anything. Mostly I want something I can get super excited about.

I just checked out those 3 out. Thanks for the suggestion. Are hubstacks as cool as they sound?

Also, does anyone know anything about the Pistolero II or the Pyro light? Both of those look sweet, but I dunno anything else about 'em.

one word SEVERE

The Eneme is JD approved.

That’s code for WIN.

I hate to say it, but the ENEME looks kinda’ lame. X-ConVict is without a doubt, one of the coolest looking hybrids, if not THE coolest. I’m a little disappointed they went with an all solid color/tiny engraving look for it’s all metal offspring.

You should get a DV888. They are amazingly smoothe. They have big gaps and easy to land string tricks. They’re good for any skill level. Also they have really tight binds.

i have an awsome DV888 and never looked back. recently, i have tried the DNA and i know that i want it as my next throw. also, my friend is sponsered by Generalyo so i have tried his Bad@$$ and it is great. it all really depends on a # of things. do you want to try hubstacks, get the DNA or you can use the spikes on the BA. if you dont care about hubstacks and just want to get a simple yet great yoyo, and maybe save some money, get the DV888

you tried a hat trick, the “bad ass” edition is just a special color(s) Ernie made for some people