Looking for a tutorial

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on the type of slack trick Palli does here at 0:39 to 0:47? It’s super flashy and I’d like to work it into a combo if possible.

looks like part of it is Revolutions.

As far as I can tell the slack never contacts the string to the very end, unlike revolutions. I get the concept but I’m trying to figure out the moves.

Looks like a combination of follow and hipster whips, but he prefaced it with something that looks to me like that flashy way to get into a wrist mount (it could get the string in position or could be just for looks)

Thanks man! Hipster whips looks like exactly what I’m looking for! I don’t need to figure out the exact combo, just the elements really. I’ve been trying to get follow down already and man it’s pretty tough.

Yeah, I feel you, I mess up follow too, I gotta start grabbing the string just between my thumb and joint, I think that might be the key.

Yeah I always grab with the thumb and joint. I think I just need to work on the timing and keeping the motions smooth (loops always gets wrapped around my hand). As for hipster whips it’s coming pretty easily, with the exception of the inside-outside bit. I can see some frustration over that in the near future.